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Follett EA , Dow BC , McOmish F , Yap PL , Crawford RJ , Mitchell R , Simmonds P . 1992. HCV confirmatory testing of blood donors. Lancet , 339 (8798), pp. 928. | Read more

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To investigate the prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection in two risk groups, stored serum samples from treated haemophiliacs and intravenous drug users were tested for anti-HCV by both anti-C-100 based and second generation ELISAs (Abbott and Ortho) followed by testing in two confirmatory immunoblot assays that incorporate core as well as other non-structural antigens (Innogenetics LIA and Chiron RIBA-HCV test). Clear evidence of HCV infection was found in all but one of 78 haemophiliacs treated with non-virus inactivated clotting factor concentrates, but in none exposed only to super dry heat-treated concentrates. Only four samples gave rise to conflicting serological results between the four tests, two of these occurred in patients with advanced HIV related disease and almost certainly reflected loss of humoral immunity associated with disease progression, and the others occurred in the only two patients tested who were chronic carriers of hepatitis B infection and may reflect an interaction between the two viruses. Comparison of anti-C-100 versus second generation tests in immunocompetent drug users revealed a false negative rate of 20% using C-100 alone, indicating the advantage of using second generation assays for detection of past or current HCV infection. Of all of the antigens used in the confirmatory assay, positive sera showed strongest and most frequent reactivity with the C22 and C33c proteins (Ortho RIBA).

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Of 10,633 blood donations tested in three regional blood transfusion centres with two commercial first generation screening assays for antibodies to the hepatitis C virus (HCV), 65 (0.61%) were found to be repeatedly reactive in one or both assays. Five of the 65 were confirmed positive by recombinant immunoblot assay (Ortho RIBA-2) and a further 4 were judged indeterminate. All 5 RIBA-2 positive donations and 1 of the 4 RIBA-2 indeterminates were shown to be viraemic by HCV-RNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays performed at three independent reference laboratories. The remaining 56 screen test reactive donations proved negative by RIBA-2 and, with 1 exception, negative by PCR. We conclude that while first generation anti-HCV screening assays generate a high proportion of false reactions when screening low prevalence populations, results of the RIBA-2 confirmatory test correlate well with PCR findings and thus indirectly with both hepatitis C viraemia and infectivity.

Nicholson WJ , Black SH , Simmonds P , Chung CW , Aw D , Peutherer JF . 1992. Comparison of hepatitis B virus subtyping of d/y determinants by radioimmunoprecipitation assay and the polymerase chain reaction. J Med Virol , 36 (1), pp. 21-27. | Show Abstract | Read more

Using a double polymerase chain reaction a method was devised for detecting and subtyping hepatitis B virus DNA in serum samples. Primers from the S-gene were selected from the sequence analyses of five HBV HBsAg subtypes, to amplify HBV DNA and subtype for y specific DNA. Thirty-eight samples were subtyped for d and y determinants by radioimmunoprecipitation assay (RIPA) and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Subtyping by PCR and RIPA was in agreement in 100% of subtype y samples and 83.3% of subtype d, giving an overall correlation of 92.1%. As a third comparison, 12 amplified samples were digested by the restriction enzyme Sau 3A, which differentiates between subtypes y and d. The digest results agreed with PCR in 83.3% of the samples. In addition, we compared our standard phenol/chloroform extraction against a rapid one step method. The phenol/chloroform stage was found to be essential for the removal of nucleases and polymerase inhibitors present in sera.

Citation information in Europe Pubmed Central

Citation information in Europe Pubmed Central

Markers of immune function present before infection may determine the subsequent course of disease in HIV-infected individuals. In 1983, we measured immune function in a group of haemophiliacs in Edinburgh. In 1984, 18 of these patients became infected with HIV-1 from contaminated factor VIII. We have followed-up these patients since their seroconversion. The rate of disease progression, as assessed by the appearance or not of AIDS symptoms or signs within five years of seroconversion, was related both to the concentration of total plasma IgM before exposure to infection and to the pattern of specific IgM and IgA anti-HIV response around the time of IgG seroconversion. Disease progression also correlated with concentrations of plasma interleukin-2 receptor (a marker of lymphocyte activation) and with the number and percentage of circulating DR + ve (activated) T cells. Our findings show that the extent of host immune reactivity, which may be genetically determined, is a powerful factor in the pathogenesis of HIV-associated disease.


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A common problem in dogs and cats is ear infections. A consistent cause of recurring ear infections is an Humanoid Soy sandals Discount Free Shipping Visa Payment Cheap Online Pick A Best Cheap Price Sale With Credit Card Free Shipping Pay With Visa MOQ33
. Another name for atopy is allergic dermatitis. Food allergies are also a cause of this recurring ear infection. Some pets have both as the cause.

There are many different causes and numerous treatment regimens to effecta cure. Since the causes tend to be multifactorial we need to address all of them for a successful outcome. Dogs tend to have more of a problem with ear infections as compared to cats.

Hygiene is of major importance both in curing the problem and prevention of recurrence. Ear infections can easily become chronic in nature, so proper therapy early in the course of the disease is important, along with long term commitment to keeping the ears clean.

Long term problems with the external ear can progress to problems with middle (otitis media) and inner (otitis interna) ears. This can cause substantial pain, equilibrium problems, and even hearing loss.

Dogs and cats ears differ from human ears in several significant ways. The main difference is the shape and length of the ear canal. It is longer in animals and has a downward and then inward direction. Alaso, their ears are more sensitive than ours. Cleaning them requires more effort than in people.

This picture shows normal dog and cat ear canal anatomy. The arrows show the downward and inward path of the external ear canal. The tip of the arrow to the left is pointing to the ear drum. When you clean the ears you will gently be pulling up on the external ear to straighten this canal out and allow deeper penetration of medication.

A normal dog ear has glands lining it they contain cilia to remove normal debris. This self cleaning mechanism works well for a healthy ear, not so well for an inflamed and infected ear. Cleaning this debris out of the ear canal is imperative for the bodies normal cleaning mechanism to work.

Pets commonly give their owners a clue that their ears are bothering them. Most pets will either have discharge, odor, or will be shaking their head. Sometimes the ear flap will become extremely swollen-this is called an Christian Louboutin Pigalle Heels Sale Online Clearance Inexpensive The Cheapest For Sale Buy Cheap Sale UsrGg
. Pets that have a foreign body in their ear like a fox tail will be shaking their head extensively and frequently paw at the effectedear.

A weekly podcast about development and design through the lens of amazing books, chapter-by-chapter. We do our best to be code-agnostic but we talk a lot about Rails, JavaScript, React, React Native, design, business and startups.

While you were coding...


John: Welcome to Iteration: A weekly podcast about programming, development, and design through the lens of amazing books, chapter-by-chapter.

JP: Chapter 6 "While you are coding" Summary / Introduction - In this section, we will be discussing the things a programmer thinks about during the process of coding.

The section kicks off by talking about how coding is not a mechanical process. Adjustments must be made while we code. It's largely driving a car. Our brain goes into auto-pilot - however, an attentive driver is always assessing the current situation. Is someone about to cross the street? Etc.

Part 1

Tip 44 Don't Program by Coincidence

JP: really funny metaphor about a solider coming to a false conclusion in a minefield. "As developers, we also work in minefields."

You can't know why something is broken if you didn't know why it worked in the first place

John: It's easy to assume that X causes Y, but as we've said - don't assume it, prove it.

John: Be deliberate.

Tip 45 Estimate the Order of Your Algorithms

JP: Basically, big O stuff: constant, logarithmic, linear, exponential. Use a greedy approach when you can. Try to think about how you can do something in a single pass. But always remember the context. Maybe your data isn't so large that an exponential algorithm is just fine for the sake of readability.

"Pragmatic programmers try to cover both the theoretical and practical bases. After all this estimating, the only timing that counts is the speed of your code, running in the prod env. with real data."

John: If I have a super slow method or view it’s usually because I need a new object or attribute.

Tip 46 Test Your Estimates

JP: "Be wary of premature optimization. It's always a good idea to make sure an alg really is a bottleneck before investing your precious time trying to improve it"

John: In general: Tests pass - I ship. I'd rather just throw more Dyno's at my methods than too much time optimizing.


JP: John: Postman - specifcally SET UP ENVIROMENTS

John: Greedy Algorithms

Rely only on reliable things. Beware of accidental complexity, and don't confuse a happy coincidence with a purposeful plan

Get a feel for how long things are likely to take before you write code

Mathematical analysis of algorithms doesn't tell you everything. Try timing your code in its target environment


This week we talk through simplicity in controllers and models and time as a design consideration.

Tip 40: Design Using Services Tip 41: Always Design for Concurrency Tip 42: Separate Views from Models Tip 43: Use Blackboards to Coordinate Workflow

This week we are talking through chapter 5 of Pragmatic Programmer - In a nutshell we talk through what it takes to make code that is flexible and can take the cold realities of the real world.

Tip 36: Minimize Coupling Between Modules Tip 37: Configure, Don't Integrate Tip 38: Put Abstractions in Code, Details in Metadata Tip 39: Analyze Workflow to Improve Concurrency

Chapter 4: Pragmatic Paranoia

Tip 30: You Can't Write Perfect Software Tip 31: Design with Contracts Tip 32: Crash Early Tip 33: If it can't happen, use assertions that ensure that it won't Tip 34: Use exceptions for exceptional problems Tip 35: Finish what you start

This week we walk through some awesome tips from Pragmatic Programer Chapter 3. We talk through debugging strategies, challenging assumptions and more.

This week we walk through some awesome tips from Pragmatic Programer Chapter 3. We talk through our tools , keeping knowledge in plain text, command shells, editors, source control and debugging basics.

This week we talk through prototyping, sticking to the domain, estimation and.... iteration. Hey, that's the name of the show.

This chapter is truly about a "pragmatic" approach to development - We discuss duplicating knowledge throughout systems, insulating projects from their changing environments, gathering requirements and implement code at the same time, how to give project estimates

Iteration: a weekly podcast about programing, development and design through the lens of amazing books, chapter-by-chapter. This week we have the first chapter of a new book - Pragmatic Programer. Follow along through this great book in this super long first episode.

This final episode of the season breaks down all the best insights from Domain Driven Design. Season 2 is just around the corner!

This week we are going through chapter 16 of Domain Driven Design working through dealing with large codebases and large teams.

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John Jacob

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